Above Ground Pool with Decks


There can be nothing more entertaining than taking a dip in the pool on a hot summer day. Owning a swimming pool might seem like an expensive affair, but not anymore with above ground pool with decks. These pools unlike in-ground pools are very easy to install and lesser in price. They also do not require huge maintenance. Gone are the times when the choices of getting an above ground pool were very limited. Today they are available in different shapes and sizes that would fit your budget. You could also get a swanky pool with a deck if you need by paying little more along with the installation.

Above Ground Pools With Decks


The idea of a getting an above ground pool might not involve a deck. But since there are above ground pool with decks that are available not only can you have a pool that would last for years but also make your backyard seem more exciting. Having a deck would also make the poolside a nice place for you to entertain friends and family.

There are usually two types of decks that are available. The first type is the attached deck. Like the name goes, the deck is attached to the pool and is installed with the pool. Freestanding deck is the other type, which you can remove depending on your need. Both types of decks are equally functional. It is entirely your choice to decide the type of deck that you would want for your pool. The space that you have in your backyard is also very important for you to consider while getting an above ground pool with decks. You would also have to decide if the deck should wrap the entire pool or just a part of the pool. If you are looking to have chairs and loungers, then you could get the pool installed in such a way that the deck extends to the patio or your back door. In this case an attached deck is the best option. If you are looking for a deck that would just have a platform and a ladder, then the freestanding deck is what you should opt for.

Decking can add additional prices to the installation. If you are looking to get a simple above ground pool with decks, then you can go for the do-it-yourself deck. All you need for this is basic knowledge of carpentry and building plans. If you have a pool already that needs to have a deck, then you could go for decking after installation. You could contact few professionals, preferably the one who installed your deck to do this. If you have already decided on having a deck while installing a pool, it would be good to inform the professional installing the pool to help you deck your pool.

Having just an above ground pool can make it seem misplaced. A well designed above ground pool with deck would make your backyard look more beautiful.