Above Ground Pool Ladders


Having a pool in the backyard has become much easier with above ground pools. There was a time when these pools were looked down upon, but with the different shapes and sizes that they are now available in, they have become very popular. Also they are comparatively cheaper than in-ground pools and do not require high maintenance. With above ground pools, anyone who has a dream to have a pool can get a pool installed within their budget. There are many accessories that are required for the above ground pool. Most kits contain vacuum, internal cleaners and heaters, but one of the most important accessories is the above ground pool ladders. Since this type of pool is usually above the ground it is very necessary to have good ladders for people to enter and exit the pool.

Above Ground Pool Ladders

There are some factors that one must consider while buying the right above ground pool ladders. The first important factor to consider is the material of the ladder. The ladder must be made of high quality durable materials. You can find ladders of quality ladders made from lightweight yet string materials like aluminium. There are coated steel ladders available that are also rust-free, but also ensure that the person does not slip. The next factor that is important to consider while purchasing a ladder is the weight of the people using the pool. The ladder should be able to withstand at least 200 pounds.


The legs of the ladder must rest firmly on the ground without slipping. It would also be good to have the ladder extending all the way down from the platform into the pool, for people to exit from the pool. If the ladder extends all the way to the bottom of the pool, then it must have rubber feet, in order to pervert slippage and damage.

It must also be noted that not all the pools are the same. The pools come in different shapes and sizes. So it is necessary to find an above ground pool ladder that is best suited for your pool. You should also purchase the ladder based on the people who would be using the people. If you have children using the pool, then you must get ladders that would ensure their safety. Ladders that have railings on the sides are the best to buy in such cases to avoid accidents. Buying ladders that can be detached from the pool after use would be a right choice to ensure that the children do not use the pool in the absence of adults. If both adults and children use the pool, it would be advisable to get two different ladders that would make entry and exit, very easy for both groups.

While installing above ground pool ladders, the instructions mentioned in the manual must be strictly adhered to. Cost is another important factor, but safety is more important than cost. So invest in a quality ladder, even though it might be costly.

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