Above Ground Pool Installation


For those of us who have huge space in the backyard, having a swimming pool can be a great idea. Getting an in-ground swimming pool requires a lot of money to install. Besides getting them installed, there is also the problem of getting the pool maintained very frequently. If you are looking to get a pool within your budget, then above ground pool installation is the best option for you. Although in-ground swimming pools come with a wide range of features, the advantages that an above the ground pool provides can outweigh these features.

Above Ground Pool Installation

Above ground pool installations were once looked down upon, but with the different kinds of pools that are available, these pools are becoming very popular. These pools require very minimal maintenance and can last for almost two decades. You can get a complete kit that comprises of a vacuum, ladder, automatic cleaner and in some cases even a heater, besides the pool.

It is very important that you research the city regulations regarding above ground pool installation, before installing one. The regulations would specify the size and shape of the pool. In some cases, the city regulations may also specify that the pool be fenced. The pools are usually available in diameters from 12 feet to 30 feet. They were commonly available in oval and round shapes, but these days one can find any shape that they require. It is ideal to go for a pool that is of 18 foot diameter, as anything lower is only well suited for kids.


After you decide on the shape and size of the pool, a professional would conduct a pre-inspection of the place where the pool would be installed. The professional would then make a layout diagram illustrating the positions of the pool and the equipment. Although the pool would be above the ground, the area would be excavated for a depth of six inches for the pool to rest. The pool is then installed and the plumbing work is done. In the case of above ground pools, the water is filled in a different way. Although you could fill the pool with water from your hose, it could take a longer time to fill. So the ideal option would be to get a truck to deliver water to your pool.

After the above ground pool installation, you must take a sample of the water to the nearest specialty store to purchase chemicals for the water. The water would require certain chemicals to remain balanced. As mentioned earlier based on certain regulations you might have to fence the pool. The best option that is also maintenance free is resin fencing.

It is very important to take help off the best professionals to install the pool, as without proper installation, the pool could be dangerous. Following recommended maintenance guidelines would also help the pool to last for many years.

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